IMS POS Software

IMS POS system is developed considering three significant modules that are crucial for any organizations, i.e. Inventory, Accounting, Billing and loyalty/CRM. 

Every one of the three modules are interconnected with one another, giving hustle free reports and answers for your retail and business.

IMS POS SOFTWARE is a complete package developed for retail sales units having a solitary cash teller to the huge network where high and fast billing is the way to efficiency and productivity. 

This software gives you an added advantage over handing the number of customer based functions such as sales, discounts, exchanges, returns, gift vouchers, customer loyalty, privilege card, and many others. 

The loyalty/CRM helps in customer retention and membership points on the purchase of products that can be redeemed in the future.

This software can be used locally as well as through cloud.

Features of Inventory

  • Inventory Management system keeps track of all your company stock,with alerts for reorder. 
  • Monitors inventory tracking, stock variance packaging system and manages multi warehouse stock.
  • Helps to manage and automate other operational tasks like branch transfer in and out, sales and wholesales orders, shipping, and returns.
  • Inventory management system helps with:
    1. Client experience: Not having enough stock to satisfy orders you’ve just taken installment for can be a genuine negative. 
    2. Improving income(Cash flow): Placing money into an excess of stock immediately implies it’s not accessible for different things like finance or advertising. 
    3. Evading shrinkage: Purchasing a lot of wrong inventory stock as well as not putting it away effectively can prompt it turning out to be ‘dead’, ruined, or taken. 
    4. Upgrading satisfaction: Stock that is taken care of and put away effectively can be picked, pressed and delivered off to clients all the more rapidly and without any problem.

Features of Accounting

  • Accounting management system helps the organizations to gather, store, oversee, measure, recover, and report financial information or data.
  • Gives full fledge accounting information by generating the Balance sheet, Trial balance and Profit and loss report of the business 

Features of Billing

  • Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Certified billing system
  • Has fone pay integration with system generated QR and handles complex repeated billing situations.
  • Helps to automate your billing operations and eliminate manual errors generating accurate financial reports.