IMS Asset Management Software

IMS Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software provides a comprehensive picture of the status and location of a company's assets in their current state. With its up-to-date asset valuation, it performs accurate asset coding. Every year, it also depreciates the assets' specified values and displays the actual asset valuation. This software also has an inventory feature, which allows you to keep track of your assets. Corporate houses, banks, finance organizations, and others who have trouble tracking their assets will benefit greatly from this software.

Key Features of Asset Management Software

Inventory Management

Inventory Management can assist in inventory tracking, management, and control from a single dashboard. A business can see stock levels at a glance and be notified when components and supplies are running low.

  • Procurement approval entry with budget sanction
  • Log Entry of Suppliers purchase bill with tracking of procurement approval number
  • GRN (Goods Received Note) Entry for stock in against log entry of supplier purchase bills & procurement approval number
  • Batch wise Assets coding in time of GRN entry
  • Features for Assets Write of Entry
  • Features of Assets Auction Entry


Inventory management and asset tracking are closely linked. It helps in easy management of inventory with a click of a button.

  • Department Wise/ Individual Wise/ Vehicle Wise Stock issue features
  • Multi Division / Branch Wise assets transfer in / transfer out features

Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset lifecycle management aids in determining the total cost of ownership of an asset and informing strategic planning and decision-making.

  • Month Wise Assets Depreciation Features
  • Straight Line Depreciation Methods
  • Assets Category Wise Depreciation Rate Setting


The system can generate reports from which faults with IT equipment can be identified to easily avoid threats, such as malware, before they become an issue.

  • Store Summary Report
  • Department Wise/ Individual Wise/ Vehicle Wise assets tracking report/ Issue Report
  • Category Wise Stock Report
  • Stock Ledger Report
  • Monthly/ Yearly Depreciation Report
  • Consolidated Monthly / Yearly Depreciation Report

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