IMS Software and Saras Beverages Partner

IMS Software & Saras Beverages Partner to Sales Force Automation

“IMS Software & Saras Beverages Partner to Revolutionize Sales Force Automation”

IMS Software & Saras Beverages Partner


In a groundbreaking partnership, IMS Software and Saras Beverages, the exclusive distributor of Red Bull in Nepal, have joined forces to revolutionize sales operations through cutting-edge technology. This strategic collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of sales management in the region, ushering in an era of unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

The partnership between IMS Software and Saras Beverages marks the convergence of two powerhouses in their respective domains. IMS Software, known for its expertise in cutting-edge technology solutions, has joined hands with Saras Beverages, a prominent player in beverage distribution, to create something truly extraordinary.

Sales Force Automation (SFA): Transforming Sales

At the core of this transformation is Sales Force Automation (SFA), a powerful digital platform that promises to completely reshape how Saras Beverages manages its orders. SFA will introduce a level of efficiency and user-friendliness that’s never been seen before, streamlining operations and allowing for faster response times to customer demands.

Sales Force Automation Plus (SFA+): Real-time Insights Unleashed

But the true game-changer lies in Sales Force Automation Plus (SFA+). This advanced solution provides real-time tracking of distributor inventories, granting Saras Beverages unprecedented insights not only into their own warehouse but also across the market. This real-time visibility will elevate their ability to manage stock effectively and ensure a consistent supply of products, even in the face of market fluctuations.

Instant Rewards with Real-time Scheme and Bonus Calculations

One of the standout features of SFA+ is its real-time scheme and bonus calculation capabilities. Distributors will no longer have to endure waiting periods of 15-20 days to receive their claims. With SFA+, schemes and bonuses will be calculated instantly, providing distributors immediate access to their well-deserved rewards. This revolutionary feature is poised to enhance the distributor experience significantly and strengthen the partnership between Saras Beverages and its valued partners.

A Leap into the Future of Sales Management

This collaboration between IMS Software and Saras Beverages represents a bold leap into the future of sales management. With SFA and SFA+ leading the way, the beverage distribution landscape in Nepal is undergoing a digital transformation, promising enhanced efficiency, visibility, and rewards for all stakeholders.

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IMS Software Private Limited was established in 2000 AD as a Private company with the vision to carry out full IT Solutions for the businesses in Nepal.

Ever since our establishment, we have been involved in developing software that helps fulfill demands of the local market, such as IRD approved IMS POS software, IMS Restaurant Software, IMS Distribution Management, IMS Petrol Pump Management, IMS Parking Management, and many more.

Today, we are proud to be associated with more than 20,000 retail & restaurant clients in Nepal, India, Malaysia and Japan. Worldwide giant brands like Patanjali & Nestle are using IMS Distribution Management Software in all their Importers, Distributors, and Franchises in India (Patanjali) & Nepal (Patanjali & Nestle). We have more than 3000 satisfied customers in Nepal who are using different types of software of IMS.

With our existing in-house products such as POS and RMS which are greatly accepted by the market, we realized our capability on developing a customized web applications according to the needs and demands of our customer.

Therefore as a part of our service and with our team of expert we build customized web application as per the demand and need of customers. The Ecommerce website, hall booking, rent management systems are some of the few notable applications that have developed by our development team according to the needs of the customer.

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