POS for retail Businesses

IMS Software’s POS for retail Businesses

From cash payments to online payment sales, POS System has enhanced customers’ experience and simplified entrepreneurs’ tasks to track sales, inventory and accounting management. With a wide range of POS Systems available in the Nepali market, choosing the ultimate one for your business is challenging. So in this scenario, with IMS Software’s POS System- The #1 POS System in Nepal, your retail businesses get into ease; but how? Well, we will cover that in this blog.

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 Hallmarks of IMS Software’s POS For Retail Businesses

  What benefits can you avail with IMS POS Management Software?

How to install IMS Software’s POS to Invite Growth Your Business

Hallmarks of IMS POS SOFTWARE For Retail Businesses

Outstanding Inventory Management

It is very significant for retailers to see how much inventory they have, how much they need, and how much they sell. Traditional manual counting and paperwork are time-consuming, and thus this is where a POS System makes an entry. IMS Software’s POS System ensures the inventory data gets updated immediately and helps you track the expiry dates of the products, as well as sends alerts that help you plan in stocking & restocking. 

Factual Billing Management

Billing Management is specially designed for your accounting operations as the billing contains essential information on the number of goods sold, the description of the goods, transaction value, etc. IRD-Certified IMS POS Management has a billing system that contains Barcode/Manual Mode, Wholesale/Retail Bill, Hold Bill, Customer & Membership Tagging, and Multiple Discount Modes. These features make the POS Software gracefully tackle the issues of invoices and also record purchase information.

Best Customer Membership And Loyalty Management

IMS Software’s POS Software comes alive to consumers’ expectations by providing efficient, fast, precise service. Our POS System not only shows complete inventory information but also provides the capacity to generate offers, deals, coupons, etc.; customers can benefit from these offers across all your stores. Moreover, customer satisfaction results in customers’ staying loyal to your store.

Error-Free Accounting And Financial Reports

With IMS Software’s POS Software, your business will get more organized and productive because of the functions like Ledger accounts, Expensive Vouchers, Income Voucher entries, Journal Entries, Party Accounts, Ledger Accounts and Financial Accounts. The POS System performs bookkeeping that follows up all your business activity & creates financial reports mechanically to have a global view of your business.

What Benefits can you avail with IMS Software’s POS Management Software?

Besides the above-mentioned features and benefits, IMS POS System can operate a number of functions since IMS Software’s POS System is not just a cash register. The POS System has built-in features to make your business easier to function. In addition, IMS Software POS System offers other benefits where

  • You can figure out the sales record for your buying resolution for repetitive purchasing trends. 
  • You can examine sales reports per product and customer to identify your best and low-selling products.
  • You can make a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • If there is any occurrence of errors in the system, then there is 24/7 After Sales Support by the experts of the IMS Software.
  • Accepts the various payment methods and e-wallets like fonepay, smart QR, Esewa, Khalti, Cell Pay, Moco Digital Wallet and finPOS.

How to Install IMS Software’s POS to Invite Growth in Your Business?

IMS Software is your one-stop solution for POS System in Nepal as well as other business management software. Installing the IMS POS System is a smart move for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors as it gives them the power to control the sales process and inventory management. So, when one installs an IMS POS Management Software it becomes a great investment for their business.

To install IMS POS Management Software, you can quote for a personalized demo and if you feel it’s worth it (which you will feel), you can stay in contact with us.

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