Parking Management System

What is a parking management system?

If your parking area is overcrowded and mix-matched, it is high time to switch to a parking management system. With a parking management system, you will not only employ the technology for systematic parking management, but you will have all of your parking processes done easily. So, what basic and advanced features can I see in the parking management system? Don’t worry. We will cover all this in our blog.

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What is a Parking Management System?

What are the benefits of a parking management system?

Cost-effective solution

Better parking experience

Reduces traffic

Improved safety and security

How does the parking management system work in Nepal?

IMS Software- The best investment for an innovative parking management system?

What is a Parking Management System?

A parking management system is software that automates a car parking system which eventually helps a person to manage their parking efficiently. With the parking management system, you get real-time car parking information which includes: vehicle & slot counts, available slots, reserved parking, pay-and-park options, easy payments, reports, etc. Moreover, the Parking Management System- an IoT-based technology- often uses an automatic collection of the parking charges via an electronic payment gateway, easing your billing tasks.

What are the benefits of a parking management system?

Investing in a parking management system gives you excellent results and advantages. Check out the benefits of the parking management system listed below:

  • Effective management of parking lot

The first and foremost benefit of a parking management system is the effective management of parking lots. Parking management systems help you efficiently allocate, manage, control, and regulate parking spots. Further, this system is user-friendly, and the parking staff won’t have any difficulties handling the system.

  • Cost-effective solution

To highlight the other benefit of the parking management system, it is inexpensive and worth-it technology to invest in. You will be able to manage your parking areas more efficiently and systematically and eventually decrease your management costs. In fact, the automatic control provided by the system cuts the need for any other workforce or manual labor.

  • Better parking experience

An advanced parking system results in satisfied and happy customers. With a parking management system, you can accommodate modern and innovative parking systems for users. With this system, people looking for parking will promptly and efficiently access empty parking spaces. Needless to say, the “queue scenario” vanishes with a smart parking management system.

  • Reduces traffic

Known to everyone, in major cities of Nepal, people witness long traffic on roads and getting into the “Where to park?” scenario when entering the cinema halls or even restaurants or shopping malls makes them frustrated. Road traffic may not be under your control, but avoiding traffic in a business station is possible with Parking Management software.

  • Improved safety and security

One of the essential benefits of parking management is that it considers the safety or security of any parked vehicle. With a parking management system, everything gets noted and every activity is kept on surveillance; nobody can steal your car. With such safety features, you will hardly see any parking violations and suspicious activity in your parking zone.

Evolution of parking management system in Nepal

The Manual Way of Handling Parking

Manual Parking Handling was done in the early stages when the numbers of cars in Nepal were less and hence, parking was not a particular issue. However, finding a safe and clean parking place was a challenge. Even security threats were prevalent.

Manual- Techno Parking Management

This system arrived in Nepal in the late 2010s, and it is still prevalent. In this, you can find a parking attendant holding a ticket and collecting cash. In fact, there is a parking management system that necessitates manual work. This doesn’t allow customers to roam around and find the empty spot, wasting their time, energy, and fuel. And immediately, the parking areas get overcrowded, and chaos arises. Thus, this manual-techno system brought ease but did cause failure in organized car parking.

The Future 

Smart Parking Technology is already popular in developed countries. There, parking has switched from manual to smart ones. These smart parking solutions offer:

  • A camera that takes license plates and drivers’ photos and stores them in the Database
  • Login and log-out car
  • Print Out and Exit receipts
  • Workers to be sent on Gates according to shifts

For this system to come to Nepal, we have a long time to wait.

IMS Software– The best investment for an innovative parking management system

Companies, especially hotels, restaurants, malls and many more who expect quite good visitors in a day, are researching the best Parking Management System in Nepal. The options are tremendous, but the one that has actually earned the love is IMS Parking Management System.

IMS Parking Management System features:

  • Automated Ticketing

Here, parking in & parking out, price consideration hourly, daily, weekly, parking out without slip, cash settlement, etc. are included.

  • Real-Time Tracking

With this, real-time data on all vehicles in parking lots can be shown, and you can efficiently assign parking spaces.

  • Reporting

The system can generate reports on Sales, Parking, and Vat Sales Register Report.

Get a Personalized demo today and feel the capability of IMS Parking Management System. Visit our website to learn more about our other products, which might be helpful to you!

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